DIY BOHO Chic Wedding at Emerald Peak in Temecula California

August 21, 2020

DIY weddings are on the up and up!  With COVID-19, we are seeing so many brides taking things into there own hands, which let’s face it, us women do all the time anyway, so make there wedding the spectacular event they dreamed, no matter how low key the event.  Just because you crowds are small, doesn’t mean they are not mighty and filled with amazing individuals whom you love.   Sarah and Sean were so fun and easy.  We had a blast scouting locations for our couples sessions and I got to hear all about there highschool love story along the way. It has been a long time coming for these two, so when they decided to married they knew the perfect way to let everyone in on the secret…a full-on surprise wedding!  The funny thing was, by the time everyone got to the venue, they all put two and two together and most of them were already expecting something special to take place.  I suppose the excuse fo a grand birthday bash didn’t go over as well, but they all could agree, ‘…it [was] about time those two got married.’

The venue is the one and only Emerald Peak in Temecula.  A family owned venue offers breathtaking views with rustic-chic, bohemian flair.   They offer all-inclusive planning and pricing packages for wedding and private parties.  The best part of Emarlad Peak is you are alowed to bring your own food and cocktail vendors.