Finally one day, I took my first steps into a darkroom. It was life changing. I shot roll, after roll, after roll, of film. Later in my career going through graduate school and being under the influence of critical theory and the contemporary art world, my esthetic shifted to combine the traditional practice of documentary photography with the impulsive reflections of life experiences. Creating images that are a fresh, honest representation of reality.

I love art and I love being creative and trying out new ideas. I want you to see our time together as a collaboration. We are here to create together, to let our guards down and be vulnerable together. Let's use the time to have fun and create one of a kind imagery while telling your story.  

Hi my name is Teresa and what can I tell you...I love travel, photography, storytelling, discovering new places and flavors, and being occasionally spontaneous. I could go on. I'm originally from a small town called Templeton, that's in the Central Coast. A gorgeous area, especially if you love the outdoors and wine. I picked up a camera because my mom gave me one for my 10th year Christmas, I think it was. She was a photography lover but having any army of children took her away from it. Photography quickly became an important outlet for me. That camera was glued to my hip at all times. My mom wasn't so happy at how expensive this hobby became, because film was still pretty much the standard.  

We Can Create That.