My photography is a little bit of this, and a little bit of that. 

All types of photography and art inspire me. I've been shooting for over 15 years now. Not always a wedding and people photographer, I started out in the fine art world working in galleries and museums. It all began when I was 18 and took my first steps into a darkroom. 

Later in my career going through undergraduate and graduate school, being under the influence of critical theory and the contemporary art world, my esthetic shifted to combine the traditional practice of documentary photography with the impulsive reflections of life experiences. Creating images that were a fresh, honest representation of reality.

Much of my influence comes from my love for travel and getting lost in unfamiliar places. I let my eye and light guide me to find unexpected beauty in all things. Being behind the camera is an escape from reality. With a camera, I have the opportunity to show my view of the world. That freedom spread like wildfire, as the whole world becomes a canvas to work with. 

I was drawn to weddings after searching for a wedding photographer for my sister. She asked for my advice and if I knew anyone, but I was stopped in my tracks because it was a field I knew nothing about and never even considered looking into. After several months of searching, I didn’t see many options behind the traditional, strictly posed, by the book images. It all seemed boring, stiff and typical.  Most of what I saw was lacking the life and soul of the day. I didn't feel like a story was being told.

So I thought maybe after all these years, I could take what I’ve learned from a completely different world of image-making and turn it into a unique style of storytelling.  

A true authentic portrait of a single day you can relive over and over again.