Aside from photography, traveling is a major priority in my life, I live for ice cream (and donuts) and frequently visit #salt&straw, have always wanted to cycle a century preferably along a coast line, have an obsession with matcha, love listening to podcasts while I work including MFM, Arm Chair and Unqualified, and really love to go on long walks. After living in New York, I've come to truly appreciate the art of walking. That is a city of discovery and walking is the best way, if not the only way, to properly explore it. 

I put traveling on a pedestal because, and I don't care who you are, there is something about the action of discovery that hits you deep and changes the soul.  In 2015 I set out on my first backpacking trip, I wasn't in the best place at the time and was feeling every emotion in the book. Not long into the trip I was surprised to find that all the fear I was feeling, lead me to make very bold decisions...renting a moto and riding all over the country side of Thailand, discovering Singapore entirely by foot and scuba diving around a sunken WWII ship. My time abroad lit a spark, and now every year I try to plan a few trips. Big or small. Local or worldly.  When I travel, I feel at home. It puts me at ease, and I feel so much creative freedom. Honestly, my backpack is always packed and ready. 

A California BAsed photographer keeping
it real and capturing all the perfect moments

What can I tell you about me...well I'm pretty damn normal and I keep it real. You will notice this instantly about me as I unapologetically wear every emotion on my face. I can't help it! I have 5 siblings brutal honesty is the best form of attack. As a child, I was the weird awkward chubby kid, who was also a tom boy, and was super into manga and video games. You can imagine the torture my siblings put me through. I was no girly girl by any stretch of the means. Photography became an important outlet for me. Being behind the camera is an escape from reality. With a camera, I have the opportunity to show my view of the world.  That freedom spreads like wild fire, and now the whole world is a canvas to work with.  

Hey Hey   
      I'm Teresa

My photography is a little bit of this, and a little bit of that. All types of photography inspire me. I've been in the game for over 8 years now. Not always a wedding and people photographer, I started out in the fine art world working in galleries and museums. It all began when i was 18 and took my first steps into a darkroom. Later in my career going through graduate school and being under the influence of critical theory and the contemporary art world, my esthetic shifted to combine the traditional practice of documentary photography with the impulsive reflections of life experiences. Creating images that were a fresh, honest representation of reality.



I occasionally eat ice cream for breakfast and crave bread constantly. I have podcasts running on loop when I'm at the computer and love me a good canned cocktail.
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