Jasmine & Jeffery | Elopement Highlights On Film

Why I Shoot Film At Every Wedding

When I first started photography it was all film. Digital wasn’t normal just yet. So when I started shooting weddings about 7 years ago and requests started to trickle in slowly year after year for film my whole thought process on weddings changed. 

I never thought people would be interested in film for their wedding day considering all the advances we have today in camera equipment. But year after year the demand for analog became greater and greater. Now Super 8 wedding films. And camcorder films are popular now too! It’s an amazing wave of creativity in an industry that needed a good awakening. Film has seriously changed the game. It’s put spirit and soul back into wedding photography.  

These images here are from the first time I brought a film camera to a wedding. This was an elopement with just the couple so I thought it was the perfect opportunity. 

I shot with my Canon AE1 only and used it spontaneously throughout the day while mainly shooting with my Sony. 

When I got the film back I couldn’t stop smiling. They are perfect and straight out of camera looked killer. I’ve never looked from that moment forward I always bring film cameras with me to every wedding. 

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