Whimsical Outdoor Wedding at McCormick Home Ranch

August 21, 2020

A whimsical outdoor wedding, with a wild dance party to round out the night.  Sounds pretty perfect in my book, and these images are proof.  This was one of those weddings where that one person who always says they don’t dance, finally gets up and has some fun.  It was good old fashion fun and made for some amazing photo opportunities.  Everyone left this wedding with sore feet and big smiles, including myself.

The McCormick Ranch is in Camarillo, California nestled behind eucalyptus and surrounded by beautiful fields. The property itself is grand, elegant, and very romantic, especially for a ranch venue.   The property is filled with different types of gardens, and offers a unique and spacious setting with cobblestone pathways, a working barn, and everything else that goes with the ranch lifestyle; think broken down work trucks and a few goats living there best life, but you know…chic and tasteful. 😉