Weddings on Film | Holga 120N | San Diego Wedding Photographer

Film photography and weddings go hand in hand now. It’s become so mainstream and normalized that the film industry has seen a huge surge. So big that it’s hard to keep up with all the new products, film stocks, and fun toy cameras being released regularly. Film is back and it’s incredible to see!

I have been shooting film for almost 15 years and to this day it still brings me the same amount of joy. There is nothing like hearing a shutter from a film camera. It is an instant crowd-pleaser and the ultimate conversation starter.

Film photography adds a level of nostalgia and fills the narrative gap in your wedding gallery with warm real moments that are truly one-of-kind.

These images are all from a Holga 120N with Portra 400NC, expired Rollie color film, and TMAX 400 film.

Everything was shot with the Holga 120N with a flash attached toward the end of the night. This camera is a beauty! I love how unexpected the results are. It’s a gamble with every press of the button, but beauty turns up in everything it creates.