San Diego Engagement at Torrey Pines Nature Preserve | Nhan & Tod

Being a couple that is constantly ready for the adventure, Nhan and Todd couldn’t wait to get started on their Torrey Pines Engagement Session. Located in San Diego, Torrey Pines is one of the most spectacular stretches of land on the Southern California coast. With its vast landscapes, wide variety of vegetation, and countless ocean views, it truly is one of the best locations for engagement photos.

Nhan and Todd are magic in front of the camera. Every moment was effortless and natural. I couldn’t take my camera off them for one second out of fear of missing something great. We spent almost two hours roaming around Torrey Pines using every inch of the landscape as our backdrop. We played on the beach, set up some epic shots and flat rock, and climbed back up the mountain to grabbed some romantic shots on the cliffs. Everything about this day was perfect.

Torrey Pines Engagement Session Tips

If you’re considering doing a Torrey Pines engagement session, there are a few things to consider. First, the weather is very unpredictable. I suggest scheduling your session for first thing in the morning to get that beautiful dewy morning light, or picking a weekday and visit in the evening to capture iconic views of the coastline during sunset.

If you are looking to take pictures on the flat rock, keep track of high and low tide. Torrey Pines is littered with trails that go in several different areas of the reserve. It can be helpful to print out a map and plan your route if you need to keep to a schedule. Also, parking can be a bit of a pain here because it’s such a popular location. There are two paid parking lots at the park and limited free spots along the street. Keep in mind if you pay to park in the reserve it’s a $20 dollar fee.

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