The Beach Trail Loop at Torrey Pines State Beach | Hiking Trails in San Diego

I finally did it! I got my man to go on a hike with me!!  If it’s an activity that doesn’t involve two wheels, I usually get the eye roll. Lol.  Torrey Pines State Beach is one of my favorite places to hike in San Diego. First, it’s coastal, it has several different trails to choose from and my favorite coffee spot, Bird Rock, is close by.  Second, you can’t beat the always amazing weather of the San Diego coast.

Today we decided to do the Beach Trail Loop just in case I had the urge to jump into the water.  Hiking the Beach Trail Loop gives you a little bit of everything; inland trails, beach access, and a little bit of climbing to get the heart rate going.  The Beach Trail is only 2.3 miles and is rated moderate.  In my opinion, it’s more on the easy-moderate side, and you can access other trails from the loop.  Take advantage of exploring those other trails.  They lead to some amazing views of the coastline, beautiful vegetation, and a few hidden bridges.

At the end of the trail, you come to stairs which lead you down to the beach and right in front of the famous Flat Rock Beach.   In fact, Flat Rock Beach can be reached by the trail or hiking along the coast from Blacks Beach or Torrey Pines.  Unfortunately, we were not so fortunate on this trip.  Get there during low tide, and the beach is much easier to explore.  Most importantly, you may even have access to the sea caves.

Torrey Pines State Beach and hiking trails are open during COVID.  Find out more information on Torrey Pines State Reserve and what trails are open, including rules and regulations, here.

Torrey Pines parking can be difficult, but you do have a few options. Lots are located at the South Beach entrance and at North Beach. Two small lots are on the mesa near the Lodge. The road up the hill is often closed to cars when these small lots are filled, especially on weekends.  Also, the South Beach lot itself may close when full.

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