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Open Fire Cooking at Temecula Olive Oil | Do or Dine Catering | San Diego Event Photographer

Open Fire Cooking at Temecula Olive Oil

You will never meet a chef quite like Danny and Nicoletta. Aside from being incredible humans, these two are the most incredible chef’s. Open fire, farm to table cooking is their specialty, as well as, some incredibly authentic Italian dishes that will put you straight into your Nonas kitchen. After living in New York for several years, the duo felt it was time to switch things up and travel west to California. Taking their sweet time getting across the country, their whole lives in a Harley Davidson trailer and brand new boxer pup, Memphis, they lived every day like it was the last. It was an epic road trip and the perfect start to a new life.

Do or Dine Catering is built from a mutual love for eating great food, and the motto, ‘Support those. Who supports you’  They believe in delivering only the highest quality food, and that means making everything from scratch, pasta by hand, and roasting meats for hours on end.  ” We make sure to visit the farms and shake the hands of the farmers whose products we use to make sure we know how it was grown and raised.  We establish a connection with the artisans of the farm, guaranteeing the quality of our ingredients.  We harvest the animals to ensure we respect what we cook.  We do all of this to honor the hard work and love that goes into these farms; it is an homage to those artisans we’ve met along the way.  This is a labor of love. This is Do or Dine. “

This open fire, farm to table dinner at Temecula Olive Oil Co. is only a glimpse at the incredible, one of a kind experience you’ll have with Nicoletta and Danny.  Check out their website for more info on local farm dinners, cooking classes, and links to their favorite local farmers and providers.