Couples Session With My Parents | Cayucos, California

Couples photography sessions for older couples are often overlooked by photographers, and couples themselves.  Portraits with someone you love should be captured and celebrated at all points in your life.  I have been begging my mom for a while now to let me take some photos of her and my dad.  It’s like pulling teeth with them when it comes to photos, but finally, they caved in, and I’m in love with the images we captured.  It might have only been 25 minutes, but it was all we needed to have a little fun.  It was so special to live these moments with them, and now we all have something special to look back on.

When it came to posing, I treated this session like any other.  I gauge everything in the moment, keeping all the movements natural.  Everything comes organically and the images speak for themselves.  An older couple session can be treated like any other couple session.  But do keep in mind that you’re working with individuals who are more sensitive and require more care. Be attentive to their needs and making them feel comfortable 100% of the time.  Still in need of some posing ideas?  Visit this Pinterest board for a little inspiration.  Thinking about photography for your next wedding anniversary?  Maybe you are renewing your vows soon?  Wedding anniversary and vow renewal quote available. Get in touch here.