New born lifestyle photography in water.

Newborn Lifestyle Photography | Teresa LoJacono Photography

The best moments are captured when you least expect.  This session was not planned, but that’s why photographers ALWAYS travel with there camera(s). There have been too many times I’ve let myself down by forgetting my camera.  You begin to remind yourself before you leave the house…phone, keys, wallet, camera.  I’m happy this was not one of those times forgetting.  In fact, I ran back in the house to grab my camera when I saw the moment unfolding, red wine in hand.  We all instantly fell in love with the photos.  The spa turned out to be the most amazing setting and I love the texture of the water in black and white. 🖤

Newborn lifestyle photography is a beautiful, natural way to capture intimate moments.  To me, those are the memories you want to hold on to.  The natural emotions you have while interacting with someone/people.  There is a time and place for traditional poses, around a formal setting, but where’s the fun in that really? Live a little and do something ‘unconventional’. Like the spa, a picnic, go for a hike, maybe even kayaking or even bowling.  A good photograph will come out of any scenario. Just be you guys.

If you are interested in newborn lifestyle photography, or family photography in general, get in touch and I’ll send you my price guide.

P.S. This location is actually at our family’s incredible private villa vacation rental. It’s called Loma Maria and you can find more information HERE about amenities, availability, etc.

P.S.S. I also designed the website. 😜