In-Home Newborn Lifestyle Photography | Paso Robles Family Photographer

Lately, I’ve really been feeling the idea of doing more intimate in-home newborn lifestyle photography. They are so rewarding, and spending that time with a new family is so special.

This time around, everything meant so much more and was even more incredible to experience.  This time around it was my brother’s turn at being the new dad.  He and his wife brought to the world the most beautiful little girl, who is also the very first grandchild for this side of the LoJacono family.  I was so honored to be the one to capture such honest and sweet moments between the 3 of them.  Welcome to the world, Miss Thea Rae. You have been a blessing since day one to us all. You have two incredibly kind and loving parents, who are adventurous, and have a love for life and living it to the fullest. We have no doubt you will grow up to become one badass lady.  I for one can not wait to watch that journey 🖤⁠

In-Home Newborn Lifestyle Photography. Okay, so what does that mean exactly?  For me, lifestyle means a showcase of your character and what makes you, you. And that goes for not only your clothing and demeanor but also the setting and what’s around you.  It’s easy to tell in the image if the subject is familiar and comfortable around his/her surroundings.

For example, with an in-home session, I wouldn’t come in and start snapping a ton of photos right away. First, I’d come in and get a feeling of the space and see what the light is doing. After introducing myself to everyone, and learning all the names, I like to start casually snapping candid photographs.  My sessions are from a documentative standpoint, and it’s important to capture those few subtle moments of your life.  The unexpected images are the ones you end up loving the most.  From there, I will help slowly ease everyone into position and we can start taking images more formally.

With me, it’s important to know that you are getting a photographer that’s very laid back and likes to capture things organically.  My work is not highly posed and I don’t work well with a list of preferred images.  My preferred images are the ones that just happen without someone coaching you what to do.

What do I wear for a newborn session??  Have more questions on what to expect during a session? Looking for a San Diego newborn lifestyle photographer near you?  I have the answers to all those questions. For a free step-by-step guide on lifestyle sessions and what’s included in my packages, get in touch HERE and I will send you a detailed PDF right away!