Elegant Japanese Wedding at Maravilla Gardens

August 21, 2020

Take a look at the elegant Japanese wedding at the Maravilla Gardens.  The traditional Japanese ceremony is a Shinto ceremony, though many Japanese in America celebrate weddings with a Buddhist ceremony.The most popular tradition during a Shinto-style wedding is the exchange of nuptial cups, which is called san san ku do. So san san ku do means three, three, and nine. The groom and bride drink sake three times each, from three different-sized sake cups called sakazuki.  In their exchanging cups, they are symbolically exchanging their marriage vows. This ritual dates back to a time when sharing sake created a formal bond as strongly as a handshake did in Victorian times.

Next, their parents also take sips, sealing the bond between the two families. Each person takes three sips of sake from each of three cups. The first three sips represent the three couples; the second three sips represent the flaws of hatred, passion, and ignorance; and the last three sips represent freedom from the three flaws. For more detailed information in Japanese wedding traditions, Manhattan Bride and The Knot, are both great resources for more information.