Ciara & Josh | Nopalito Farms | Valley Center, CA

Living in San Diego means escaping the city is very easy. It’s one of the best places in the city. You have a busy urban life and then at the drop of a hat you can be in the desert, hiking trails in the forest, exploring sea caves, or hunting waterfalls in the mountains.

Nopalito Farms is on our list as one of the places to escape too. If you find yourself out in Valley Center, the farm is tucked away in a private valley littered with citrus trees, avocados, and fields of wildflowers.

When I met Ciara and Josh, escaping the city to take a few deep breaths in nature was exactly what they wanted. We met up at the farm and started our time by simply walking through the groves. It was a truly effortless session.

Find more information about Napolito Farms here.