‘Day In The Life’ is a style of photography that is buzzing around and gaining in popularity, but what is it exactly? Well, enter me to educate you on all the details and why you should choose to do a day-in-the-life session for this year’s family photos. Having a day-in-the-life family session is a chance […]

Day In The Life Family Photography

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A visual journal of life and everything that comes with it. A dedication to picking up a camera and pursuing curiosities. 

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First Birthday Cake Smash Photography in San Diego Babies first birthday is a big deal all over the world. From trying to determine what your future will hold to feasting and mingling with family in epic proportions. The Picking Ceremony is most common in Asian countries. The family will set out different objects in front […]

Step Away From Traditional Family Photography Sometimes you need to step away from traditional family photography, and just say no to the matching outfits, no to fake smiles, and no stiffly posed bodies. Candid family photography is a chance at a genuine portrayal of what it’s really like when you force the whole family together. […]

Couple embrace during sunset at the Salinas River by California Photographer Teresa LoJacono

Handmade Pottery in Los Angeles Today we visit the studio of artist Larry Thomsen, creator of Thomsen Clayworks. A studio he runs entirely on his own; throwing, carving, painting, and firing every piece by hand in the confines of his studio. Throughout his carrier, Larry has sold work at The LA Gift Show, The Brack […]

What the heck is a mini-session? And why do I keep hearing about them? These were my exact thoughts when I first started photographing families. As it turns out, a mini-session is exactly what it sounds like, a short 15 to 20-minute photo session. Now before you start thinking that 15 to 20 minutes is […]

Yet another archive find. The day Jonathan and I played Scrabble with Grandma Joyce. This was actually not too long ago. Just this past Thanksgiving 2020. We had the very rare opportunity to spend it with one of my favorite humans. My grandma is one of those special ladies you cherish forever and ever. Her […]

What is ‘lifestyle’ family photography? What is your process? Two great questions that I feel a lot of you must be asking yourselves as you start looking for a photographer. During your search, you might have noticed other terms like candid, natural, or documentary photography. All these different styles have pieces that contribute to the […]

The best moments are captured when you least expect.  This session was not planned, but that’s why photographers ALWAYS travel with there camera(s). There have been too many times I’ve let myself down by forgetting my camera.  You begin to remind yourself before you leave the house…phone, keys, wallet, camera.  I’m happy this was not […]

New born lifestyle photography in water.

My first experience shooting at Marian Bear Park and I loved it!  The park is the perfect location for your next Father-Daughter Session this fall. It’s a bright playful trail you will absolutely enjoy. This location is so versatile and changes dramatically with the seasons.  I’m always a  little nervous when clients request a location […]

A father and daughter walking down a forest trail.

Today’s locations, Balboa Park and Ocean Beach.  Two locations helping create one great moment after the other at this maternity session. First, we find ourselves at Balboa Park. The most diverse location in San Diego; gardens, pools, fountains, museums, Shakespeare, a church, the world-famous zoo, an amphitheater, cherry blossoms, and it goes on.  I find […]

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