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I finally did it! I got my man to go on a hike with me!!  If its an activity that doesn’t involve two wheels, I usually get the eye roll. Lol. Torrey Pines is one of my favorite places to hike in San Diego. It’s coastal, has several different trails to choose from and my […]

Lately, I’ve really been feeling the idea of doing more intimate in-home natural lifestyle newborn sessions. They are so rewarding, and spending that time with a new family is so special. This time around, everything meant so much more and was even more incredible to experience because this time around it was my brother’s turn.  […]

I have been begging my mom for a while now to let me take some photos of her and my dad.  It’s like pulling teeth with them when it comes to photos, but finally, they caved in, and I’m in love with the images we captured.  It might have only been 25 minutes, but it […]

I love a wedding that ends with a good dance party.  Take a look at this super classy desert wedding at Lago Vista Ranch. The venue is incredible and ultra-private.  The most convenient part about this venue is that it doubles as a vacation rental.  Meaning, you and your whole wedding party can stay and […]

DIY weddings are on the up and up!  With COVID-19, we are seeing so many brides taking things into there own hands, which let’s face it, us women do all the time anyway, so make there wedding the spectacular event they dreamed, no matter how low key the event.  Just because you crowds are small, […]

Before the pandemic hit us, a good friend of ours started his own sushi business in Pacific Beach. He and his partner worked tirelessly for months to get the place up and running. It was a serious labor of love, filled with many sleepless nights. Watching them day after day, and seeing the progress of […]

The Goat Canyon Trestle Bridge hike is a fucking beast, and I’m SO happy we tackled it!  From what I understand, there are 2 different ways you can get to the trestle; one is by starting at Carizzo Gorge Road, and the other starts at Mortero Palms.  We started at Mortero Palms.  I’d love to […]

A whimsical outdoor wedding, with a wild dance party to round out the night.  Sounds pretty perfect in my book, and these images are proof.  This was one of those weddings where that one person who always says they don’t dance, finally gets up and has some fun.  It was good old fashion fun and […]

Take a look at the elegant Japanese wedding at the Maravilla Gardens.  The traditional Japanese ceremony is a Shinto ceremony, though many Japanese in America celebrate weddings with a Buddhist ceremony.The most popular tradition during a Shinto-style wedding is the exchange of nuptial cups, which is called san san ku do. So san san ku do […]

walking through the orchard and I see… pear, fig, persimmon, apple, plum making fruit look sexy  

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