Umo Sushi Restaurant in San Diego | The Best of San Diego

Before the pandemic hit us, a good friend of ours started his own sushi business in Pacific Beach.  It was our go-to joint to find fresh San Diego sushi, and it was called Umo and was located in a renovated auto garage and served up from a two-man kitchen situated in a gutted ticket booth.  He and his partner worked tirelessly for months to get the place up and running. Making custom sugi ban to surround the “sushi box”, refinishing chairs and tables, and putting up lighting and decor.  It was a serious labor of love, filled with many sleepless nights. Watching them day after day, and seeing the progress of things coming together was really special.

Umo was an amazing sushi spot that showcased traditional sushi with a unique spin on fresh flavors, like a real crab California roll with a hint of tarragon. SO fresh and delicious, I can’t handle it. This was the peak for me as far as fresh San Diego sushi goes.  I’m still dreaming of that tarragon, and don’t get me started on the sunset roll with fresh tuna and mango.  I could have eaten there every day.  Unfortunately, with the pandemic, too many businesses big and small are shutting down.  It’s heartbreaking to see all this happening around us.  Umo is no longer with us and we miss them every day. SO many small businesses are suffering all around us. Please do whatever you can to help them out in any way possible. These businesses are the life and soul of our towns and cities. ⁠ ⁠

❤️Umo ❤️⁠

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