Molly & Steven | Mount Woodson Castle | Ramona, CA

The Bride And Groom Wore White

Molly and Steven’s wedding was a beautiful and elegant affair. They chose to wear all white, while their guests were asked to dress in all black. This created a striking contrast that added a unique storyline to the photos.

Their love shone through in every detail of the day. They selected Mount Woodson Castle in Ramona, CA, as the backdrop for their wedding. This grand, castle-like venue enhanced the romantic and timeless atmosphere.

The bride’s dress, featuring puff sleeves and coral-gummed white Vans, was a stunning blend of classic and modern styles. The groom exuded Prince Endymion vibes in an all-white tuxedo.

The entire day was a perfect blend of classic sophistication and personal charm, creating a memorable celebration.

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