What is ‘lifestyle’ family photography? My process and what to expect.

February 18, 2021

What is ‘lifestyle’ family photography? What is your process? Two great questions that I feel a lot of you must be asking yourselves as you start looking for a photographer. During your search, you might have noticed other terms like candid, natural, or documentary photography. All these different styles have pieces that contribute to the style of ‘lifestyle’ photos.

What is ‘lifestyle’ family photography? ‘Lifestyle’ photography for me is a chance for you to slow down and take the seriousness out of life for a moment. It’s more about the connection you have with your family, over your connection with the camera. It’s you allowing me to capture a slice of your ‘life’. The more you’re distracted by each other and your surroundings the better. The candid, intimate moments shared between everyone tell a far better story about your family.

After scouting the area for a few locations, I will direct everyone to stand in the best light and take a few test shots. From there, I will give slight directions to everyone and keep everything very natural. Now it’s time to let your personalities and quirks do some work. I tend to always encourage everyone to talk and have fun with each-other. It’s okay to forget my presence all together! It is important to me that you stay engaged with one another rather then my camera and presence. This is all part of my creative process, to better capture as many genuine moments as possible. If that means becoming a fly on the wall and letting your characters unfold, that’s fine by me.

Remember not to limit yourself! Family photography doesn’t have to be stiff portraits in a studio or stressing to find matching clothes. I encourage my families to consider doing an unconventional or adventure family session. Unconventional family photography could be a session at the bowling alley or going to play mini-golf. We could bake cookies or go to an ice cream parlor for milkshakes and banana splits. The zoo and all theme parks are even on the table. Adventure family photography could include kayaking in the bay or hiking in Torrey Pines. Adventuring in a hot air balloon and even going sailing. Why not jump outside of the box for just one year and consider something a little more adventurous?

For a little inspiration, check out this recent day in the life camping adventure with The Burris family at The Valley of the Fire. Get in touch for adventure ideas! We travel world wide.

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