Your wedding, and everything that goes with it, is unique to you. That's what is so incredibly special about a wedding day.  You, your story, your family, and every detail that went into expressing who you are as a couple. My job isn't just to capture every moment seamlessly, I want to give you an experience that makes you think "Wow, Teresa was the right choice." 

Being observant and reading the room is as important as anything. On wedding day a lot is going on, and I dont want to be another person in your face. I will step in with cues and guide you if needed, and/or step to the sidelines and capture candidly as the moment unfolds. I'm not someone who is intrusive, actually I prefer to blend into the scene, but I'm also not afraid to put myself in the action, mingle with the guests and get those epic dance photos.  

I'm sensitive to the fact that not everyone is out going and that some people would rather remain laid back a chill, or that not everyone wants to get their dress dirty in a field or follow typical throwing the bouquet traditions. THAT'S OKAY! Be unapologetically you.  Just be okay with me capturing every glorious moment of it.


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House of Blues San Diego ・ Windansea Beach ・ Temecula Olive Oil Company ・ Emerald Peak Venue ・ Tom Ham's Lighthouse ・ San Diego Botanic Garden ・ Thursday Club ・ Nacimiento Lake Research Center ・ Cuvier Park, La Jolla ・ The Marine Room ・ McCormick Home Ranch ・ Joshua Tree National Park ・ Sunset Cliffs ・ Sky Box at Diamond View Tower ・ Bahia Hotel ・ William D Evens Boat ・ Sunset Point Park ・ Water Grill ・ The Grace Maralyn Estate ・ Loma Maria

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