My heart is open to all. No discrimination. No hate. We love who we love, and it's a beautiful thing. All are welcome no matter sex, gender, race, size, shape, LGBTQ+ EVERYONE AND ANYONE. We are a unique, vibrant world and we all deserve to be celebrated and loved. 

What I stand for is serving anyone and everyone with an INCREDIBLE experience. You are not just another couple and another date on my calendar. Photography is my life and I want to share that with you. Let's be real, if you're looking for just any random dude with a camera, then I'm probably not a match. And you know what, that's okay.  

all are welcome

Everyones story is different. Therefore, each of my packages are tailored to exactly what you want/need. Weddings that happen on Saturday and Sunday are more in demand and the price will reflect that. Below is a basic guideline on starting rates. Listing the prices is to give you a real idea of what to expect. If your budget doesn't quite fit this range please dont hesitate to get in touch!  I'm open to discussing budgets and still want to hear from you and learn your story.  


Within my brand, it has always been important to me to be honest, upfront and real with people. I might be a little introverted, but I will speak my mind and step up. The more open and real we are with one another, the better I understand you and that makes a huge difference on film.  Magic happens when there's trust. 

I understand that photography is a huge investment.  It's one of the most important steps in planing any event, and you should be able to connect with and trust your photographer. I do not take my job lightly. If you invest in Teresa LoJacono Photography you will not only be investing in quality images but someone who is passionate every step of the way. No uncertainties. Only concrete feelings that, YES, you made the right decision. 

By choosing me you are choosing a stress free experience knowing that you have put your trust in an individual that is dedicated to you and your experience. I'm not simply snapping pretty photos of your wedding day. I am geeking out hard core documenting the emotion, laughter, joy, unexpected moments, quite gestures and everything else in between. I am creating images that have life and character, so you can relive them over and over again. 

keeping it real

Your wedding, and everything that goes with it, is unique to you. That's what is so incredibly special about a wedding day.  You, your story, your family, and every detail that went into expressing who you are as a couple. My job isn't just to capture every moment seamlessly, I want to give you an experience that makes you think "Wow, Teresa was the right choice." 

Being observant and reading the room is as important as anything. On wedding day a lot is going on, and I dont want to be another person in your face. I will step in with cues and guide you if needed, and/or step to the sidelines and capture candidly as the moment unfolds. I'm not someone who is intrusive, actually I prefer to blend into the scene, but I'm also not afraid to put myself in the action, mingle with the guests and get those epic dance photos.  

I'm sensitive to the fact that not everyone is out going and that some people would rather remain laid back a chill, or that not everyone wants to get their dress dirty in a field or follow typical throwing the bouquet traditions. THAT'S OKAY! Be unapologetically you.  Just be okay with me capturing every glorious moment of it.

investing in an experience

Starting at $250


Starting at $250


Starting at $1000


Starting at $1800


WHat do you think? DO you have more questions? Are we a match? 

House of Blues San Diego ・ Windansea Beach ・ Temecula Olive Oil Company ・ Emerald Peak Venue ・ Tom Ham's Lighthouse ・ San Diego Botanic Garden ・ Thursday Club ・ Nacimiento Lake Research Center ・ Cuvier Park, La Jolla ・ The Marine Room ・ McCormick Home Ranch ・ Joshua Tree National Park ・ Sunset Cliffs ・ Sky Box at Diamond View Tower ・ Bahia Hotel ・ William D Evens Boat ・ Sunset Point Park ・ Water Grill ・ The Grace Maralyn Estate ・ Loma Maria

Venues I've Worked With

If you are intersted in viewing a copy of a basic contract please fill out a contact form. 

What does your contract look like?

In the very unlikely case that this should ever happen, I will find you the most kickass incredible replacement. I hope it never happens, but you can't control unforeseeable events. 

What if you get sick or cant showup to our wedding?

Probably the most asked question, and truly no one is that awkward. It's all in your head, I promise!  However, I got your back with a few tips and tricks that will make the experience for you so easy and fun. 

We are so akward in fornt of the camera! WIll you help us?!

It's a loaded question, and one of the hardest things for an artist to verbalize. I like to break down my esthetic to a few simple words. Intentional. Artful. Cinematic. I'm a story teller and I feel every image should tell a complete story. There are no special bells and whistles with me. I'm here to document your story as it truly unfolds in front of me. 

How would you describe your style?

Wouldn't step out the door without it! Some venues do require all vendors to have insurance. If this is something you need I got you. 

Do you have insurance? 

Ready to move forward?! I'm so there with you! To make everything official and lock-down your wedding date/shoot date, you will have to pay your 25% retainer and sign a contract. 

What are the next steps if we want to move forward? 

Every couple/session will receive a link to a custom online gallery were you will be able to do a digital download of all your images. You will also have the opportunity to share your album with friends and family, post to social media and make prints directly. 

How will my photos be delivered? 

I work to get my galleries out asap! Within a week you will receive a 20 to 30 image preview.  Typically it takes at least 4 weeks for a full gallery turnaround. 

How long does it take to get our photos?

Yes! I require a 25% retainer at the time of booking. It is a non-refundable retainer and secures your wedding date. The final 75% is due 2 weeks before the wedding/session.

Do you require a Retainer?

Absolutely. Thank goodness for Facetime and Zoom! We can schedule this as soon as you like to get the ball rolling. If you are a SD local, we can even meet at your favorite coffee shop or brewery.  Let's start this journey off right shall we!

Do you meet with people before booking? Or can we plan time to chat?

Absolutely! 100%!  A few months before the wedding I will send you a questionnaire on all the wedding details. This will help me create your custom wedding photo timeline. Remember that the timeline doesn't have to be a rigid schedule and can be adjusted as you need. 

Do you help us with our timeline?

Is that a real question?  I love to travel.  I am based in San Diego, but travel worldwide. All weddings outside SoCal will receive custom quotes depending on cost of lodging, flights and rental cars. Stateside weddings require an additional fee of $400 and international travel fees range from $800 to $1500. 

Do you travel? Do you charge travel fees?

I use 2 Canon Mark IV bodies. Most of the day I have a 35mm attached, but also jump between 50mm and 24-70mm. I work mostly with natural light, but when need choose to work with Canon speedlites for on camera flash. And all the extra batteries I could possibly need. I got you covered. 

What equipment do you use?

I sure do. If you'd like a full price list, please email me at teresalojaconophotography@ or fill out the contact form. I'd be happy to go over options with you. 

Do you offer a la carte services? 

Post editing includes the basics: Light adjustments, cropping, color adjustments as needed in my own style. It does not include beauty touchups, or extensive photoshop work.  I'll leave Photoshop to the pros. It has never been in my line of expertise. That's the truth. 

Whats including in post editing? Do you photoshop?

This is a question I receive often actually, and it's OKAY.  You wont offend me or hurt my feelings. I totally understand and respect your feelings.  

What if we dont want our photos to be shared online?

I arrive 30 mins ahead of schedule to walk around the location, see what the light is doing and check my equipment for the third or forth time. If shooting alone I typically start with the bride and then bounce between bride and groom until the ceremony.  If working with a 2nd shooter she will be with the groom for the entirety of getting ready. The rest of the day will go as the evening pans out. I'm not afraid of being a part of the action and getting the right moments at the right time. The whole day I pay attention to the cues, laughter, shouting, crying, dancing, the  conversations...Thats how I capture your true moments.  Dont worry, I capture a lot of group shots too. I'm not afraid to ask for a quick photo. 

What happens on a typical wedding day?

There is a complete list of all the venues I have worked at bellow. If your location is new to me that's great in my eyes! Your my first couple to have that experience with and I will never forget it! I'd be happy to meet you there for a walkthrough to reassure you that your day will be flawless, and talk ideas of course!

Have you ever shot at our venue? Does that make a difference?

Personally, I do not send clients RAW files.  It's rare that any photographer does, and to be honest not many computers have the proper software to read/open a RAW image. 

Do we recieve RAW images?


Questions? Let's get them answered. 

Lorraine & Sean 

We had such an amazing experience with our photoshoot in San Diego. We took photos at Balboa Park, Ocean Beach Pier and luckily enough on the beach with the bubble guy. Teresa is such an amazing photographer, that when it came time to decide on photos we simple chose all of them. We HIGHLY recommend Teresa for any type of photoshoot...You will have a wonderful experience.

You will have a wonderful experience...

kind words

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