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Cake Smash Photography in San Diego

Babies first birthday is a big deal all over the world. From trying to determine what your future will hold to feasting and mingling with family in epic proportions. The Picking Ceremony is most common in Asian countries. The family will set out different objects in front of the child and then let them loose to go after the object that intrigues them. Whatever the baby chooses indicates what their future may hold. Within the Hindu community, on a baby’s first birthday they receive their first haircut.  This ritual symbolizes the shedding of any bad fortune that may have carried onto the baby from a past life. In Hawaii, they feast! Their first birthday luaus are known to be pretty legendary often cooking a whole hog in the ground. That’s one party I definitely support!

Here in the states, we have the classic first birthday cake Smash. No tradition, no specific meaning, just pure fun. In most cases, cake smashes are the first time the baby is tasting sugar. Leading to some very memorable images!

Cake Smash

I’m not going to lie, when I got my first cake smash request I cringed a little. I had never done one, and to be quite honest wasn’t sure I wanted to go down that route with my photography. What I didn’t realize at the time is that not all cake smashes are equal. They don’t all come highly themed, with backdrops and balloons everywhere. There are some that happen more casually and naturally. Those parties I am here for! This approach to a cake smash is more memorable because so many of your loved ones have the opportunity to join in on the fun and celebrate. You aren’t cooped up in a room or studio with just a photographer who you probably just met that day. A cake smash is meant to be seen! It’s your baby’s time to show off and be silly.

That’s exactly what happened to Miss Thea on her first birthday. She was surrounded by family and friends, sat in mom’s lap, and went to town on her birthday cake. The day couldn’t have been more perfect. Incredible weather, the location was drop-dead gorgeous and her cake was made by a top chef. It was a perfect day and the pictures prove it.

Cake By Do Or Dine Catering

Choosing the right cake for your little one to smash can be difficult, but let’s not forget it’s purely for them to wreak havoc on so you don’t have to be too choosy. Theas cake was put together by the one and only Nicoletta Grippo from Do or Dine Catering. This lady is one fierce badass chick and not only can she bake up a storm, but she is one of the best chefs around. Her heart and soul might be in open fire cooking, but when it comes to sweets she is a magician.

Theas cake was a moist lemon olive oil cake with a farmers market blueberry filling and freshly whipped mascarpone cream topping. The flowers are lavender and daisies and came from the surrounding property at Loma Maria.


Images: @teresalojaconophotography

Cake: @do_or_dine_catering

Venue: @lomamariaca

Dream Catcher: @sycamoresprings