A father and daughter walking down a forest trail.

Hercules & Z: Father-Daughter Session

October 5, 2020

My first experience shooting at Marian Bear Park and I loved it!  The park is the perfect location for your next Father-Daughter Session this fall. It’s a bright playful trail you will absolutely enjoy. This location is so versatile and changes dramatically with the seasons.  I’m always a  little nervous when clients request a location I’ve never been too and/or experienced.  With every shoot I always visit the location the day before, or at least 45 minutes early, to plan out a strategy for our movement through space and to see what the light is doing.  Still, even with the preparations, I’m feeling butterflies.

This session was a lot of fun.  A father-Daughter session usually is but this one was particularly special and easy to capture great moments.  Hercules & Z have a special bond and that was clear from the start. They pocked fun at each other, talked about sports, and laughed pretty much the whole 30 minutes we spent together.  It was one of those sessions you walk away from with a smile and feeling 100% because you were just in the company of great humans who love life and shared a piece of that with you, and you have the pictures to prove it. 🙂