Couple embrace during sunset at the Salinas River by California Photographer Teresa LoJacono

Day In The Life Family Photographer | San Deigo, California

Step Away From Traditional Family Photography

Sometimes you need to step away from traditional family photography, and just say no to the matching outfits, no to fake smiles, and no stiffly posed bodies. Candid family photography is a chance at a genuine portrayal of what it’s really like when you force the whole family together. You never know what you’re going to get, and that’s half the fun. Run around, let the kids be wild, and don’t ever worry about perfection. Give yourself one hour to settle your mind and not have a single worry. To me, that’s what family sessions should be all about. You enjoying one on one time with your family. Everything else while happening as it’s meant to, and I’ll be there capturing the entire journey. If this is the type of experience you’re looking for, then I’m the San Diego family photographer for you.

To Answer a Few Questions…

My style of shooting is very organic and goes with the flow. I take a very strong candid approach, and sometimes that can come with a lot of questions. Here are a few of the most common questions I receive with inquires:

What type of packages do you offer? You have 3 packages to choose from 1 hour, the Adventure package, and Day in the Life. One-hour sessions can be a short hike, a picnic, or a trip to the ice cream parlor. Adventure sessions run 2 to 2.5 hours and can include kayaking adventures or visit the ZOO or Disneyland. Day in the Life sessions is half-day or full-day sessions where I literally shadow you and your family from dawn until dusk. A real-life portrayal of an actual day with you and yours.

What does candid actually mean? To me being a candid photographer is capturing the grandest and smallest moments that life gives us. It’s keeping your eyes ready at all times, to pick out the natural organic moments that are all around us. It’s about taking images with the intention, to portray a true story.

How will I receive my images? Your images will be delivered in a custom digital gallery. With your gallery, you can share the images with friends and family, easily download all your files, and order professional prints. Prints are made through my personal lab and can be printed on paper, wood, acrylic, canvas, and metal.

What should we wear? Wear clothing that suits you. Something that makes you feel beautiful and is comfortable. Dont try to strive for perfection or feel like you need to copy everything you see on social media, just be you. The only thing to try and stay away from is big prints and logos.

Get in Touch

If you are from San Diego or traveling to the area, and you need a San Diego family photographer, I’d love to work with you. For more information on my services, get in touch here OR email me directly,