California Super Bloom Engagement Session | Sami & Red

July 21, 2020

Discovering these secret wildflower fileds made this California wildflower engagement session a freaking dream!

The super bloom of 2019 was somthing else. All over San Diego flowers were finding a way to bloom on any piece of land they could find. ROund abouts, Medians, sides of the freeway even looked pretty for a monet. Flowers were everywhere and traveling further north to see more concerntraed bloms quickly became viral.  despite this fact, Sammy, Red, and I still set out  to find something magical.  We were looking for a location like no other.  A place that no one knew about.  A few days earlier, I got an anonymous tip about some wildflower fields in the area.  We drove around somewhat aimlessly trying to manifest this dream location….and then finally we stumbled across a dirt road that looked…special.

For miles and miles, the hills were gold.

I’ve never experienced anything like it.  Poppies, little tiny daisies, lupin, mustard, millions of flowers in every direction.  It was unreal and you better believe I went back as many times as I could before the season was over.  We are so lucky to have experienced such a beautiful location all to ourselves.  I still can’t believe it. The pictures say it all.

Enjoy this California wildflower engagement session, and get in touch if your lookin to book your engagement session or a session just because!

Location: It’s a secret